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The Bugenhagen Conference


This summer, a new free conference is being held for pastors, that appears well worth the effort of attending.  The Bugenhagen Conference is to be held in Racine, Wisconsin from Monday, July 30th until Wednesday, August 2nd. Keynote speakers are Rev. David Petersen, Rev. Clint Poppe, and Rev. Benjamin Ball. A whopping 40 sectionals are also scheduled, dealing with Preaching, Liturgy, Care of Souls, Parish Administration, and Pastoral Leadership. Usually "free conference" refers to a conference not sponsored by a district of the LCMS, but in this case it also means that it comes at no cost. There are no registration fees, and even the meals are free. The only cost will be for room rental. Here's a link to the conference. Be sure to register through the web site to get the special room rate.

The Bugenhagen Conference was created to help pastors hone their craft and excel in all facets of ministry. Pastors know that there is always room for improvement, whether it be in the routine tasks of administration, or in more particular matters of pastoral leadership in the parish. The pastor is to be competent, confident, and skilled in his ministry.

The Bugenhagen Conference is a gathering particularly designed for the parish pastor, providing a place for him to honestly evaluate himself against the biblical model of who a pastor is to be. Here he can critically assess among brothers what qualities, skills, and characteristics he has developed and, also, where he needs to develop. The workshops allow pastors to hear from brothers in the ministerium who can provide practical guidance in approaching specific tasks and challenging situations that one may face in the parish.

Burnell Eckardt