Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy
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A blog of the Evangelical Lutheran Liturgy

Our upcoming 100th issue is going to the printer

In this issue:



  • Seven Letters of Congratulations



  • Christmas Day                      Peter M. Burfeind
  • Epiphany                                Samuel P. Schuldheisz


Sabre of Boldness

  • Gottesdienst Prehistory   Jonathan E. Shaw


Liturgical Observer    Burnell F. Eckardt Jr.

  • Reflections on Gottesdienst
  • Have You Seen the Video? Part 2
  • The Legacy of David Muehlenbruch


Twenty-One Years and Counting    Kathryn Ann Hill

Commentary on the War   David H. Petersen

  • The Purpose of Gottesdienst or What Gottesdienst Means to Me


Taking Pains   Mark P. Braden

  • Taking Pains at One Hundred


Gottesdienst Rooms at Ramada Plaza

Sabre Nominees Sought

A Verse Vigil and Selected Poems

  • Carnation   Kathryn Ann Hill


Musing on the Mysteries    Karl F. Fabrizius

  • The King of Righteousness: Genesis 14:17-24