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Up and Running!

We have redesigned our website and blog, as you can see, in sync with the coming out of our 100th print issue this Christmas. It's not quite fully operational yet (to use Star Wars terminology), but most of the bells and whistles are working. In addition, as of now, "Gottesdienst Online" is out of date. Welcome to the world of "Gottesblog." We are hoping to making more routine posts than before as well. Thanks for your patience.

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Burnell Eckardtannouncements
A Pastor’s Daily Prayer

At ordination, Pastors promise to be constant in prayer for those who are under his pastoral care. And yet, this seems to be one of the most difficult things to do. On the one hand, we do not know what to pray for as we ought, and on the other hand, the task can seem daunting and time-consuming when we consider our great need and the needs of our people.

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Jason BraatenComment
Correcting Some Anti-Antinominanism

There has been a heavy anti-antinomian thunderstorm coming from good confessional writers these days, and heaven knows it has been a welcome rain. We cannot condone sin in the name of the Gospel any more today than they did in the 16th century days of Luther's antinomian nemesis Agricola.

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Fr BFE 4 Comments
What Does "The Gospel Must Predominate" Actually Mean?

Walther’s Law and Gospel was not written by Walther. The book was written from notes that his students took. Walther was lecturing, outside the classroom, in a somewhat casual setting. He did not set out to produce a careful dogmatic treatment of Law and Gospel but was simply issuing a sort of pep talk to the boys before he sent them into battle. He was dying and frail.

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