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Introducing the Editors

Since Gottesdienst is a relatively new blog, we thought it would be a good idea to give some sort of introduction to the editors that goes beyond the brief CV's at the journal website. Armed with this information you should be able to make better sense of each editor's posts here, his articles in the print journal, and his hobby horses at Octoberfest in Kewanee.

Thus, with some help from the Editor-in-Chief, the online editors present an introduction to the Gottesdienst departmental editors in the style of The Onion. Below are the headlines. You can probably guess the names. And our readers can try their hand at beginning the actual stories in the comments if they like.

Guy from Ohio Knows Everything About Living in New Orleans

Religious Anthropologists: Not All Men With Movie Star Looks, Pink Chasubles are Anglican

How To Series for the Liturgical Do-It-Yourselfer: Make a Molehill out
of a Magpie

Bishop's Son-in-Law Calculates Political Power, Hones Winsomeness

Lutheran Priest-Wizard Defies Parody with Magic Chant

Man Bites Dog, Seminary Shrugs

Liturgical Magazine Hires Token Christian Editor

Pastor "Way Tired" of Blogging to Avoid Work, Sleeps in Chair

Lutheran Chaplain Incredibly Fit, Lifts TLHs instead of Weights

Pastor So Angry He “Could Spit and Just Might”

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