The Twentieth Annual St. Michael Liturgical Conference

was held Monday, September 25, 2017 at Zion Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Detroit. Keynote Presentation – Wyoming District President John Hill: “Lessons from Luther’s Invocavit Sermons” – The Rev. John Hill examined Luther’s 1522 Invocavit Sermons as an example of churchmanship and pastoral care in Wittenberg’s early liturgical reforms. He included reflections from Luther’s Preface to the 1528 Visitation Articles as he speaks about the office of Bishop (or Visitor) in the church today. Q & A and Panel Discussion - Fr. Mark Braden, Pastor of Zion, examined the rite, rubrics and ceremony of Luther’s Latin and German Masses, and facilitated a Q & A period during which conference attendees interacted with President Hill regarding his presentation, followed by a Panel Discussion featuring the Conference Presenters joined by several editors of Gottesdienst. Dr. Daniel Reuning, Director of the Fort Wayne Bach Collegium in Fort Wayne, Indiana, revisited volume 53 of Luther’s Worksbringing to light Luther’s unique hymnodic contributions. Fr. Braden holds both the S.T.M. and M. Div. degrees from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, where he is an adjunct faculty member. He teaches regularly throughout South America. He is an International Fellow for the Luther Academy, and a departmental editor for Gottesdienst. Fr. Burnell Eckardt, Pastor of St. Paul Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Kewanee, Illinois, and editor of Gottesdienst, presented on the importance of rubrics. The Reverend Fr. David Petersen, Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana, preached at the Mass.

Here are links to videos of these presentations.

"Lessons from Luther's Invocavit Sermons," Keynote Address by President John Hill

"Luther's Latin & German Masses," Rev. Mark Braden

"Volume 53 Revisited," Rev. Dr. Daniel Reuning

"The Importance of Rubrics: Gottesdienst Video," Rev. Dr. Burnell Eckardt

"Commemoration of St. Cleopas," Confessor Rev. David Petersen

Q & A and Panel Discussion with President Hall

The Twenty-second Annual Oktoberfest! and Gottesdienst Central

was held Sunday – Tuesday, October 8-10, 2017 at St. Paul’s Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Kewanee, Illinois, and observed the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The conference hosted Rev. William Weedon, LCMS Director of Worship, and Chaplain at the International Center in St. Louis. His topic was “Reformation and Liturgy: The Eruption of Evangelical Joy in the Heart of the Divine Service.”

Here are links to videos of this presentation.

Reformation and Liturgy: The Eruption of Evangelical Joy, opening remarks

Reformation and Liturgy: The Eruption of Evangelical Joy, part 1

Reformation and Liturgy: The Eruption of Evangelical Joy, part 2